Baptism and Birthdays


Getting ready for the ceremony

And Deacon Ed jumps right in

Final blessing and Grandpa trying to get the shot

Aidan has had enough - he's just learned to crawl and he's learning to walk and he wants to practice

Wrap up photos
Cousin Noah


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August 24 - Aidan's Baptism, Grandpa Bob's Birthday August 23, and Aidan is 9 months old

Aidan had his 9 month well-baby check-up at the doctor's this week. The doctor said we could tell everyone at the Baptism that Aidan is perfect. His weight and height are right in the middle of average for his actual age. His head is in the 95th percentile which apparently means he's got a lot of brains. Daddy's started calling him 'Charlie Brown head'. Mommy's been making jokes about keeping him away from zombies. Aidan weighs 18 pounds, 9 ounces now.

On Sunday, Deacon Ed McCarthy, Jr. baptized Aidan and a few other little ones. Steve and Kita Murray agreed to be the godparents and their daughter, Caitlin, has declared herself to be the godsister.

A big party followed back at the house, but Mommy and Daddy were too busy hosting and having fun to take any pictures! Aidan shared his party with Grandpa Bob who's birthday was the day before. Mommy made a raspberry pie for Grandpa as well as a black cherry and fresh-picked blueberry for the party. (Thanks to the Murray family for arriving in time to pick the blueberries!) Thanks to everyone for sharing this event with us.


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