Aidan in May

Sitting in Mommy's chair

Starting in the big boy chair

One of the last days in the bouncy chair - before he decided it was not the thing anymore

Beginning to crawl, or at least thinking about it


Having fun in the Exersaucer

Checking out Izzy's handiwork on the blanket


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May 4 -May 20

Oops, sorry about that. It's been a long time since we updated, but we've been having fun. I'll make a few pages to catch everyone up.

A quick summary: Mommy is now a personal contractor working two days a week and spending the rest of the time with Aidan. Daddy still loves his new job.

Good news - Payam came home from the hospital in the second week of May. He's still on some breathing support, but he's finally home and his parents are thrilled. Congratulations Anne, Shahram, and Payam!

Here are a few pictures of Aidan from the month of May - enjoy!



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