Memorial Day Weekend


Dan and Aidan with Denali

Uncle Dan and Aidan

ChrisM talking to Aidan


Rock and Denali

These baby raccoons stopped by to see what we were doing and to attack Dan's foot (Dan was fine and may have done more damage to himself with laughter)

Even Ozzie stopped by for the weekend

And continuing the game of pass around the baby...
Uncle Shannon and Aidan

Aunt rv and Aidan

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May 24 - Aidan at 6 Months

Aidan got to celebrate his 6 month birthday with Mommy and Daddy's friends who came to visit for the annual gathering at our house. Aidan got lots of attention and was held or played with by many people. There are now a few pictures here from Daddy, who helped Mommy learn the process to shrink the ones from Daddy's camera. Suffice to say, Daddy even geeks out his photography.

Aidan went to the doctor for his 6 month well-baby checkup and he is now in the middle of the normal range for height, weight, and head size. Physically he's all caught up for his real age, not adjusted. He was running just slightly behind his real age in other development, but both Mommy and Daddy noticed advances in Aidan this weekend. He's growing so fast!



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