Labor Day Weekend


At the start of the Diaper Dash

And they're off

Hey kid, come back!


Exploring the fair from the backpack

Mommy and Aidan

Grandma Kathy

After the fair, getting clean in the new tub

No, no pictures! Damn paparazzi...

Hey, Dad, cut it out - I'm nekked!

Splashing, splashing with the new floaty fish

Getting dried off

Sleepy boy

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September 1 - Aidan at his first Great Geauga County Fair

Life these days finds Mommy and Daddy playing with Aidan as much as possible. He's changing and growing so fast! Now that he knows how to crawl and pull himself up to standing with furniture, he wants to be down on the floor and active all the time. Well almost all the time. He still stops for a snuggle or a giggle with Mommy and Daddy quite often.

Aidan is also babbling constantly and so far Mommy and Daddy think it's cute. Mommy and Daddy have fun responding to whatever we create as the humorous topic of his conversation. "And then what did Mommy do?" or "So the cow didn't scare you, but it had bad breath?" When it becomes a constant stream of why's?, we reserve the right to change our minds.

Labor Day weekend is historically time for the Great Geauga County Fair. This year, Aidan qualified as a participant in the 'Diaper Dash' - a crawling race for 6 to 13 month olds. He tied for second place among 4 babies in his race. Of course only one baby actually left the starting line! It was quite cute and he got a 'Diaper Dash' t-shirt and some nice swag for participating, but it was probably more fun for Mommy and Daddy.

The fair was an experience of seeing many new people, meeting a few that Mommy and Daddy knew, and being introduced to many new kinds of animals. Aidan wasn't very happy with the dairy cow who mooed loudly in his face, but the bunnies, goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas, and horses seemed harmless enough.

Mommy, Daddy, and Aidan also went to Habco Tool and Development's 50th Anniversary Open House. Grandpa Bob and Grandma Kathy showed off Aidan. Although Grandpa Bob is now retired and sold his part of the company, it was good to see the shop thriving.


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