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Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Bob with Aidan

I swear Aidan is not saying, "Mom, please rescue me."

Aidan floating in a sea of color


Among the Winnie-the-Pooh clones

Big stretch

Sporting Harry Potter wear from Tawni and Izzy

I swear these hanging animals get more smiles than the parents

See what I mean?

And again, the elephant, alligator, and zebra are more amusing

Reaction to animals

Reaction to Mommy

Aidan sitting up in a chair and trying to suck his thumb

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Day 110 - Mar12

Well, it's been another couple of weeks of shots and blood tests. The hemoglobin count was up last time, but still not out of the worry zone. Aidan has been going through another round of Pro-Crit and goes for another blood test tomorrow. Hopefully he passes this time because Aidan's really not happy about all the shots - even more than at last report. He sometimes cries when he goes into the car seat and although it's quite early for him to realize cause and effect, it's hard not to believe he's figuring out that he's going to the doctor's office.

Unless Aidan doesn't pass his blood test tomorrow, Mommy's in her last week of maternity leave. Next week is going to be difficult because Mommy is truly enjoying spending time with her young man. Aidan changes so fast. Daddy also enjoys Mommy being home because she likes to bake all the time!

Since the last update, Mommy finally finished putting together the nursery. Because Aidan arrived early and then spent so much time in the hospital, there was never time to deal with the nursery. Now, because Mommy and Daddy's wonderful friends followed the theme of classic Winnie-the Pooh, it looks like Pooh and his friends left the Hundred Acre Woods and were taken to an alien cloning factory and armies of Poohs, Eeyores, Piglets, and Tiggers have invaded Aidan's room. Okay, so Mommy enjoys her sci-fi a bit too much.

Daddy has news - he has a new job. Daddy took a new job with Cleveland Clinic recently and he was happy there, but he'll be starting in the video production/Jumbotron department of the Cleveland Cavaliers next week. They made him an offer he couldn't refuse. It is quite odd after having experience with applying for jobs to have one come looking for you.

Just so everyone knows, if you want to drop hints that this website needs an update, please e-mail Mommy. Daddy doesn't always pass on the e-mails and Mommy doesn't find out about them until the site has already been updated.




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