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Day 16 - Making up for lost time

Oops! Didn't mean to disappear on all of you. We're allowed to take him out of the box and we're taking advantage of it! Turns out, he's decided he needs some "awake-time" at about 10PM, so by the time we've been getting home these last few days, it's waaayyy too late to think about the website.

OK, where did we leave off... Aidan is taking his food quite nicely, now. He's putting on weight and beginning to fill out a bit. He's still not quite getting it with the bottle feeding - sleep is still better than food. The whole suck-swallow thing seems to work OK because we are able to get the first little bit of a bottle into him, but then he gets a little too comfortable and he's out like a light. We have to transfer the remainder to a syringe so it can be fed in through his NG tube. Apparently, though, the nurses have way more luck with the bottle when we're not around, so we expect he'll figure this out shortly.

Let's see - monitors are beginning to come off. The pulled the O2 monitor today and we expect the IV to finally go away here in the next day or two. We've got fewer and fewer wires and tubes to worry about when we're holding him.

Now that he's putting on some weight, he's also able to maintain his body temperature better, too. While he is currently still kept in his incubator if we're not holding him, the doctors keep lowering the temperature settings. Once they get that down to room temperature, he'll get to move into a regular crib. That'll make things a million times less complicated as far as care - working through the little portholes in the box is really getting old.


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