Merry Christmas to All


Aidan shows off his new Christmas clothes.

Happy, sleepy little man.

And to all a good night...


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Day 32 - Christmas Day

Aidan's first Christmas - the clothes that Kita, Kitty, Caitlin and Steve sent are a bit large, but they won't fit at all next year so Aidan did his best to make them look good. He likes layering anyway to keep himself warm so he just wore another shirt under everything. The nurses love the hat even though if he's not careful he could pull it down to his chin.

Santa visited Aidan's hospital room and left a stocking filled with goodies, a teddy bear, and a new outfit. Quite a lot of stuff for someone so small, but Santa was generous with everyone on the ward.

No new updates on progress. Not much has changed with eating/breathing habits, but at least there haven't been any new problems - knock on wood. If we can avoid backsliding, we'll all stay happy. There have been discussions of exit strategy from the hospital, but there are opinions on both sides so we'll wait another day for more details on that.

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