A Showering of Joy


Good food

Great friends

Even Lydia came to the party

They had fun embarassing Dawn

Jenn played Vanna

Good loot

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Day 55 - Jan. 17 - Post-birth Shower

Dawn's workmates threw a baby shower for Aidan. Unfortunately Aidan couldn't attend because being a preemie he's more susceptible to catching diseases - his immune system isn't quite as strong as normal babies yet and he was missing a booster against RSV so the doctor said no, just to be safe. Aidan will look forward to the day he gets to meet Lydia (new daughter of Karen and Dave) since they are so close in age.

Dawn went to the shower and ate good food, opened gifts, and had a wonderful time with her friends from work. Roger was a great organizer. Brian gave a nice speech, Jenn organized the gift opening, and Mike kept notes. Aidan really appreciates everything that he received, even if he doesn't understand what that means yet. We all wish to thank the organizers and attendees - we love you all.

The photos were all taken by Dale Halliwill, a Dirt Devil/Plant Sale Volunteer.

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