How many lights do you see?


Earlier in the day, before the lights

Strappy headgear

The boy's got a grip!!


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Day 9 - Box of blue light, redux

Well, the poor guy went back under the lights today. Since he's not being fed orally due to the tummy upset yesterday, there's not much in the way of GI tract action. No GI means no poop (it all comes back to poop with the babies, doesn't it?) No poop means nowhere for the bilirubin to go, so back to the phototherapy lights. OK, I am oversimplifying here a bit, but that's the gist.

On the flip side, there are no indications so far that this has been anything other than an angry tummy. Bacterial cultures are negative, X-rays are negative, only normal gurgles coming through the stethoscope... By this evening, Aidan was getting a little Pedialyte via his NG tube and seemed to be handling it just fine. He'll be switched to formula overnight for a while, and if that goes well, back to breastmilk tomorrow.

As you might notice in the pictures, he's got a little bit different type of headgear this time. The lights aren't particularly damaging or anything, just really freakin' bright and on pretty much all the time. The goggles are just to keep him from staring at them for hours and hours. He pretty much hates them though - just fusses like crazy and is already amazingly accomplished at getting them off. These strappy ones are no different. The nurses are making Houdini comments...

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