July 4th 1999 (part 1)

n+8th Annual Gathering - Twin Trees & Das Lande - North River and Raquette Lake, New York

Another fine gathering of friends. We ate, gamed, went to Raquette Lake to visit Das Lande, hiked up Peaked Mountain, and did some renovations to camp.  Writing about the ants in the bathroom ceiling still makes the skin crawl so we'll skip that.   Das Lande and Raquette Lake were beautiful as always.  Peaked Mountain was breathtaking in so many ways.  

In Attendance: Mike, Dawn, Ginger, Shannon Posniewski, Iwan Axt, Steve and Kita Murray, Brian Dvoretz, Matt Healey, Chris Moriondo, Michele Ligouri, Pat O'Leary, Dave Williamson, Dave and Michele Schneider, Dan and Heather Wiesen, Denali 

Theme of the year:

Space 1999

The invitations were sent by e-mail

and we no longer have a copy,

but we have LOTS of pictures...

The very beautiful, Das Lande


and Michele Schneider

Ask Kita what she was doing

Rock and Iwan sailing on Raquette Lake

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