July 4th 2000 (part 1)

n+9th Annual Gathering - Twin Trees & Das Lande - North River and Raquette Lake, New York

Another fine gathering of friends. We ate, gamed, went to Raquette Lake to visit Das Lande, went to Lake George to see the fireworks and oh yeah, probably drank too much. Some of us more than others. Mike and I got there a night early because of date confusion, but we didn't mind. No ant attacks in the bathroom and few sitings of the resident mice. No work on either Twin Trees or Das Lande - we're going to get out of practice. Some of us met Crystal Wakefield's fianc, Rob Murray, for the first time. Welcome Rob, but don't leave your textbooks behind next time! Another noteable, Jenn Jumper and Chris Epplet got engaged recently before arriving. Good luck to them.

In Attendance: Mike, Dawn, Ginger, Shannon Posniewski, Iwan Axt, Jenn Jumper, Chris Epplett, Brian Dvoretz, Michele Liguori, Chris Moriondo, Steve and Kita Murray, Matt Healey, Dave Williamson, Rob Murray, Crystal Wakefield, Darby, Thika

Invitation to the Mad Tea Party from the Totem of Foam...

Working on that theme already...

Sailing on Raquette Lake - Iwan, Mike, and Shannon

That way, Iwan

Shelley Posniewski and Murphy

No, that way, Iwan

No caption necessary

Jenn Jumper, Mike, and Brian Dvoretz


View out the back

(water, I love water)

Devo and Ginger

church under construction

love that breeze

Mike's Dogbert birthday cake - thank you, Kita.
(No, I don't know why he's wearing a tea cozy)

Steve as "the bowling pope"
(No, I don't know why he decided to wear a tea cozy either)

Euchre table

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