Memorial Day 2000

13th Annual Gathering - Rudy and Judy Gerlica's house - Chardon, Ohio

Once again, a wonderful gathering and I left the pictures to the last minute. Most shots are in the driveway as people are leaving. It rained and kept us from going to Cedar Point for the new Millennium Force roller coaster, but we had fun gaming and eating. It was also the first (annual?) Road Rally by Mike. Rv and ChrisM, Mess and Poz, and Rock and Iwan competed and/or had fun getting lost. Mike, Dan, Steve and Dawn worked the course. Rock and Iwan won. Congratulations.

In attendance: Mike, Dawn, Iwan Axt, Brian Dvoretz, Matt Healey, Michele Liguori and Chris Moriondo, Scott, Chris, and Nicholas Macneil, Steve and Kita Murray, Shannon Posniewski, Dan and Heather Wiesen, Dave Willamson, Ginger, Denali


Nicholas Macneil and Duke

Who's the man? SNUFFY!

Big hug for Mom (or should that be Mom-to-be?)

Kita teaching bad habits - again

What is Shannon doing?

Snuffy and Michele Schneider

Hey Mess, I think I got a pretty good shot

And now for a rousing game of pass around the bunny...

Too cute.

Actual view of what we did all weekend.

Don't ask - I didn't.

Devo wins the most photogenic prize - again

This car was black before the pine pollen bath.

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