Memorial Day 1999

12th Annual Gathering - Rudy and Judy Gerlica's house - Chardon, Ohio

Although there are no shots here, we all went to Cedar Point this year.  I wasn’t taking the camera there. Snuffy and Michele opted out to go plant shopping.  Kita and Dawn spent most of the day together because neither was very fond of roller coasters.  The Farrells spent the day with the children’s rides.  The rest of the insane people aimed for the roller coasters and the Power Tower.  I think we all had fun. Other than that we ate, gamed, and had a lot of fun.

In attendance: Mike, Dawn, Ginger, Iwan Axt, Dave and Michele Schneider, Steve and Kita Murray, Brian Dvoretz, Pat O’Leary, Michele Liguori, Chris Moriondo, Dave Williamson, Matt Healey, Dan and Heather Wiesen, Denali

Waiting in the driveway to leave for Cedar Point

Mark and Owen Farrell


and that’s the end of that

chatting in the yard

Happy Birthday, Steve!

Note the sugar dinosaurs.  They’re not edible, no matter what they say.

Once again, pollen coated cars

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