New Year’s 2000 (part 1)

Dan and Heather Wiesen’s house - Derry, New Hampshire

This was the first part of our adventure.  It was a year of indecision.  We had offers from both the Wiesens and Pat O’ Leary’s mom and stepdad for housing during our turn of the century gathering, so we decided to do both. We stayed with the Wiesens for a few fun nights then moved to the Fowler’s

In Attendance: Mike, Dawn, Dan and Heather Wiesen,  Scott, Chris, and Nicholas Macneil, Mark, Cathleen and Owen Farrell, Brian Dvoretz, Dave Willlamson, Shannon Posniewski, Pat O’Leary, Michele Liguori, Chris Moriondo, Denali

Owen Farrell and Nicholas Macneil in a rare quiet moment


Chris and Cathleen

Proof that Heather can cook (when there’s a good reason!)

Group sitting in the living room

(teeth cracking, too sweet)

Shannon models Heather’s hat

Gaming again

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