New Year’s 2001

Rental Property in Hardwick, Vermont

After a long search by Iwan, Dan found a rental house one street away from his parent’s house. It was a nice house, even if it did appear to be a work in constant progress.  The afghan door for one of the bathrooms was a unique touch.  It left a beautiful light pattern on the floor outside, and for occupants, nothing to the imagination in the way of sound or sight.  Someone figured out the trick to keep the house from smoking us out because of the hole in the chimney below the forced air system.  Thank you. After talking to the owner, we even relaxed about the water dripping into the den. With good food and gaming and a few snow storms, a good time was had by all, except maybe Denali (and the people who wanted frosty beverages) when he got sick after stealing and eating a tub of ice cream.

In attendance: Mike, Dawn, Michele Liguori, Chris Moriondo, Shannon Posniewski, Steve, Kita, and Peanut Murray, Matt Healey, Brian Dvoretz, Jen Garman, Joe Franchina, Iwan Axt, Mark, Cathleen, Owen, and Liam Farrell, Dave Williamson, Dan and Heather Wiesen, Denali


Sledding with Denali

Denali after sledding

Mrs. Wiesen and Grams, skiing and not skiing

Cuteness contest

Iwan with Owen making Liam “smile”

Present time

Aunt Heather and Uncle Dan, teaching them young (it’s shampoo)

A tape of Cannonball Run, maybe it should have been Peter Sellers’ “The Party” - ask Iwan why

Steve, Kita, and Peanut

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