Sunday at Rainbow


Off the vent - that's a little CPAP, Jenn!

Cute little guy

A little bigger than palm-size

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Day 2 - Huh? What just happened?

We got out of LakeWest late Sunday morning and headed home for a quick change of clothes and to let Chiana out (thanks Matt and Rachel for helping out!) When we finally got down to Rainbow, Aidan was already off the ventilator and onto the CPAP you see above. Basically it just provides positive pressure to help keep his lungs inflated. No signs of infection, but they still did a lumbar puncture and took some more blood from Dawn to make sure. The only other note of concern is that he's pretty anemic. Ultrasound says no active bleeds anywhere, but since newborns make red blood cells very slowly, he will get a transfusion overnight to top him up.

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