Monday, 11/26


Happy family

We can finally see his face

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Day 3 - The shock is wearing off

Woo-hoo! He's off the breathing support! Umbilical lines are out, too. We get to hold him! Awesome...

Still no signs of infection. Blood and CSF cultures are all still negative. Blood counts are now up where they're supposed to be after the transfusion. He's pinked up quite a bit and is looking really good. He also had his first food today, not just the drip in his arm. Not yet interested in taking it by mouth (sleep is much more important!) but that's what the NG tube is there for.

Had a good chat with the docs today, too. Apparently, it's expected that there will now be a little backsliding during the first week. He'll next be up for a bout with jaundice, then we work on fattening him up.

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