Catching some rays


Working on his tan


They're devil horns, I tell you!

First little fingers, now little toes

Caught a couple...

with his eyes open

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Day 4 - Next on the agenda

Well, as we thought, a little roller-coaster-ish today. Aidan was put back on his CPAP for a while overnight and this morning. The nurse said he was 'working a little too hard' on his breathing. Although, by the time we got there today, he was already off of it again. Apparently it didn't make a hill of beans worth of difference and he's a lot happier without it.

He is also, as you see, getting to work on his tan. The box of blue light is treatment for jaundice. The blood builds up a poison called bilirubin that is normally filtered by the liver. Since preemie's livers generally haven't turned on yet (Mom always took care of that until now!) light of this specific frequency penetrates the skin and helps convert the bilirubin to something they can handle. Aidan's bilirubin levels plateaued almost immediately and should begin dropping now pretty quickly.

He got a break from the box for a while this evening and was able to come out and have his blindfold off. We're guessing he enjoyed it because he just wouldn't stop looking around. Well, at least until he fell asleep in his mother's arms.... (sniff, sniff - how cute!!!)

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