We hates the blue-face


Hmmm, Dawn might be onto something with that Eeyore thing...

Mask on his forehead

Oooohh, these wires!!

Huckin' the binky!

What are you planning, nursey?

I am not impressed!

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Day 5 - Still in the box

Aidan's bilirubin level remains slightly elevated, but he had his first stool today, so that's a sign that things are beginning to happen. Isn't it amazing what new parents get excited about? Yaayyy, poop! Yes, and we do hear you experienced parents snickering out there...

Other than that, a pretty quiet day. Each meal continues to get bigger. As a result, his IV drips are slowed down a corresponding amount. He really does not like the mask. We were having to reposition it every 10 or 15 minutes after he'd knock it off his eyes. Now that he's got at least one hand free from the IV lines, it's become a little too easy for him!

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