Thursday, 11/29



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Day 6 - [fingers drumming]

Antsy parents... We continue to wait for Aidan's bilirubin levels to come down to appropriate levels. Slowly, slowly they're dropping - nothing to worry about yet, says the doctor. Normal time is about 5-7 days. His food intake continues to increase, as does his, ahh, 'output'. His weight is beginning to go back up too - he'd lost about 200 grams of water weight these first few days.

Meanwhile, looking to the future, he will hopefully be out of NICU in the next couple of days, and up onto a regular nursery floor. Then, we wait for his weight to come up and we can get him home. I hesitate to think about this too hard yet, but we're hearing that, if all goes well, there is a slight possibility that we can get him home for Christmas.

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