Friday, 11/30



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Day 7 - Aidan's first graduation day

Excellent! Aidan's out of the NICU! We got there this morning and he was out from under the lights. Our little poop machine got his bilirubin levels down nicely overnight. We were told that as soon as a bed opened up, he could go upstairs! Sure enough, around 4PM or so, away we went. He's now hanging out in a regular infant room. No more beeping alarms and people constantly running around. It should be a lot less stressful, both for Aidan and for us!

We pretty much spent the rest of the evening taking turns holding Aidan in our arms. We found out he's a much calmer baby that way! The NICU nurses had been commenting on the appropriateness of his name (little fiery one, for those who haven't looked it up yet!) He can be quite the little acrobat when he's left alone. When he's being held, however, he just sleeps and sleeps. It's quite a change!

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