Happy one-week birthday, little man


Chillin' with his new buddy

The red t-shirt reads: Baby's First Pooh Bear

Dad loves his holding time


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Day 8 - Ups and downs

Our first full day away from NICU went reasonably well. Aidan seems much calmer and quieter without the constant noise and ruckus down there. He's starting to put a little weight back on - that's good. The experts say it usually takes a couple of weeks before they're back up to they're birth weight.Unfortunately, he seemed to have a little stomach upset today. He spit up a bunch of times after his 9AM and noon feedings. There's no immediate evidence of anything wrong, but they're going to run a few cultures just to make sure. In the meantime, we'll hold off on his milk feedings for a day to let his tummy have a rest. Aidan's I.V. nutrition will be turned up to compensate.

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