Random Happenings


Mary Wick - the dental hygenist - Aidan went with Mommy to meet the nice people at the dentist's office

The boys on the weekends

Dr. Clinger - the wonderful doctor who delivered Aidan


These are some of the about 50 turkeys that visit the backyard and the bird feeders daily. Aidan watches them closely - at least for a few seconds.

Aidan is finally looking like a healthy pudgy baby - that's pudgy in a good way.

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Day 90 - Feb 21 - corrected age = 3 weeks, 2 days

Life is still crazy, but we're enjoying the ride - most of the time. The things we least enjoy are the continuing doctor's appointments. No offense meant to the doctors - we love them and they're doing what's best, but Aidan is getting quite fed up with constant shots. The news from last Friday's blood test was not what we had hoped. Although his red blood cell count is increasing, Aidan is still anemic and needs another round of Pro-Crit shots and another blood test or two. He's also on daily doses of iron which can upset the tummy. He's gotten two shots this week and another planned for tomorrow. We're all hoping this is over soon. Anemia usually isn't considered all that serious in adults, especially if it's a mild case, but evidentally it can negatively affect brain development if not treated in infants.

So what else has been happening? The family enjoyed watching the Daytona 500 last weekend. Even Aidan watched a little, but no one took a picture because it looked just like the Superbowl watching picture most of the time. Unfortunately, the family missed cousin Noah's birthday party on the same day. The hospital warned against group contact until Aidan is 6 months old and to be especially wary of contact with children and Noah has many other cousins who were going to the party so we stayed home to keep Aidan safe. We just don't want any more trips to the hospital. Happy Birthday, Noah! We love you and hopefully next year we'll celebrate on your birthday.

Along those lines, Mommy was supposed to return to work this week, but she's staying home one more month.. This will keep Aidan out of daycare and away from potential germ problems for 4 months, not 6, but hopefully it will be enough. Although he is still small, he reached 10 pounds this week - the weight he was expected to be when he was born, not at 3 months, he's pretty healthy aside from the anemia.

Aidan's had a few visitors: both sets of grandparents, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Matt, and Jenn who actually came to provide Mommy with adult conversation. Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures of any of the visits. Hopefully sometime we'll remember to take some. There are a few pictures from visits Aidan made to Mommy's doctor's appointments that you can see above.

An update on our friends Anne and Sharam and their preemie baby, Payam. Payam has had his ups and downs with health since he was born even younger and smaller than Aidan, but his Mom and Dad were finally able to hold and Kangaroo Payam this week. Please keep fingers crossed for Payam's continued forward progress and for good results on Aidan's next blood test.



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